Sweet Chili Meatball Sub

Uhm… this is delicious and if you like that sweet chili flavor and mangoes, you have got to try this!

Just look at it! I am not a professional photographer, it just looks this good.


Frozen Turkey Meatballs

Sweet chili sauce

Sharp white cheddar cheese

Hot dog bun (or hoagie bun if you have class)


Diced mangoes (mine came from a can)


1. Heat your meat balls according to packaging. I used the microwave.

2. While those cook, prepare your bun. Layer on some mayo and cheese, how ever much you’re comfortable with.

3. Add the meatballs to the bun, I sliced mine first to make for easy eating. Top meatballs with more cheese and sweet chili sauce. Heat until cheese melts (again; I used microwave, but you could totally use the oven).

4. Top with mangoes and enjoy. đŸ˜‹

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